Request a Collection

Contact us to arrange a date and time for us to collect. 

If, for whatever reason, you have a firearm in your possession/home which you are unsure about or simply want removed we can help. Typical reasons are; the passing of a family member who had guns, expiration of a certificate/licence or maybe just moving house and/or no suitable security arrangements are in place. Whatever the circumstances we provide you peace of mind by collecting said guns and either storing them, disposing of them or, if possible, realising their value for you by selling them legally on commission. 

Useful information to give us might include;

  • What sort of guns and how many need to be collected
  • The address where we should meet you or your representative
  • Whether we will have access to the cabinet where they are kept (if not, a locksmith will need to be arranged)
  • Whether the licence/certificate covering the guns is on-hand/available so that we can make the necessary entries.
  • What you would like us to with the firearms once they’ve been removed (e.g., store them, sell them or hold them for somebody named in a will). Please note that fees may apply for additional services.
  • Any other information you feel might be helpful.

Any/all guns removed will remain as your (or the deceased estate) property, unless you choose otherwise.

Please note that a collection fee applies.