Sell a Gun

A friendly hassle-free way to sell any new or used firearm. Take advantage of our network and multiple sales platforms to get the best price for just 20% commission on net sales proceeds after any delivery charges, plus £25 admin fee. No storage fees are charged on guns held for sale.

You can remove your gun(s) from sale at any time, subject to a nominal fee of £25 per gun for services already rendered (advertising, registration, storage etc)

Please contact us to explore this option. 

Useful information to give us might include; 

  • As much details as possible about the gun(s) you’d like to sell
  • The licence/certificate holders’ name, licence number, issuing authority and the expiry date.
  • Whether you’d like us to collect the gun(s).
  • The minimum price you’d like to achieve
  • Any other information you feel might be helpful. 

A draft sales agreement is available to download here.